The borders of memory

Budapest Art factory, Budapest, Hungary, 2016

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." John Muir

In their new project the artists continue to explore the borders of reality. The human brain is designed in such a way that every time we recall some particular memory we simultaneously overwrite it. As a result of this overwriting process new details appear, and some integral parts disappear. In consequence, memory becomes elusive and the truth it contains becomes indistinguishable from fiction.

In search of material and new experiences for this project, the artists undertook a three-day journey from Moscow to Budapest in their car: 80 % of the journey passed through fields, forests, and mountains. The continuity and tedium of this road form a series of images which eventually becomes one single unit - this represents the overall picture of feelings and sensations, and is more reminiscent of a dream than of reality. It is impossible to determine the exact boundaries of these memories: they are conventional, much like the boundaries of the countries which we cross. Many of the landscapes seem recognizable and familiar, they create a deja-vu effect, as we have seen these places in our childhood.


Trees with the strange marks symbolize the liminal state of reality; it is unclear if they are dead or alive – they exist only for a moment: a moment which the artists are trying to save.


The installations are formed with temporary materials, which have been found in the forests along the way. Wax, moss and wood symbolize the variability and volatility of existence. The room-landscapes and objects resemble simultaneously the confessional booth and the abandoned forest lodge. They create the image of our memory cells, which store both real and imaginary memories.

Forest's confessional booths

Forest's confessional booths

constructions outside - old pallets, black wrapping film

inside - old chairs, wax sculptures, moss, cones, dry leafs,

ventilator, light

sound - The Orb

roadside gifts

roadside gifts

wax, moss, twigs, dry leafs, cones







Light my fire

Sound - The Orb


Exhibition view

sound - The Orb